Interested in Coaching?

The Victory Way offers year-round lacrosse skills development and playing, as well as continuous leadership development opportunities. We’re different than any other sports program that you have seen; we focus on young athletes’ needs and desires to succeed while instilling a passion not just for the game of lacrosse but a passion to serve others.

The values we live by and the values we teach are Truth, Faith, and Justice. Additionally, our goal is not merely about winning or losing a game it is about winning or losing a heart. We build the athlete up not tear them down. We strive to teach them that their self-esteem has nothing to do with their performance but everything to do with how they treat each other. We partner with the parents to make sure that the athletes understand that their performance in the classroom will always take precedence over their opportunities on the field.

We simply want to offer children of all playing abilities and desired participation levels the opportunity to be all that they can be.

Join us as The Victory Way sets our sights on the following three goals:
1. Shape young people to be leaders of character.
2. Build a foundation for the future of our nation.
3. Teach the full definition of winning with grace – all while playing a game!

Let us know if you are interested in coaching boys or girls lacrosse, or if you have any questions.

Please contact:

The Victory Way Co-Founder & Director Glen Miles at

Please Note: Background Checks Required

All The Victory Way coaches will undergo a formal background check run by an outside agency upon their first coaching position. In subsequent years, coaches will sign a statement that there have been no offenses in the time since the formal background check. At any time, Director Miles or the Board has the right to request an additional formal background check for any coach.