Victory Sports Performance Staff

placeholder imageJohnny Griffith

Director, Victory Sports Performance

Coach Johnny Griffiths has taken over the Victory Sports Performance program. Johnny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton, with an education background in strength and conditioning and various therapy methods. 

While playing high school football Johnny discovered a love for weight training, and spent a good amount of his athletic career battling numerous injuries.  He credits his time spent injured with his initial interest in the fields of therapy and injury prevention and performance training.

Johnny is certified as a Level I Sports Performance Coach through Athletic Republic, where he worked with athletes and teams ranging from under 10 years of age through college, participating in a myriad of sports, and as Strong Board Balance Personal Trainer.  He holds experience in speed and agility training (running mechanics, footwork, explosiveness, etc.), as well as a wide variety of mobility and strength and conditioning methodologies and programming.  Other activities he has participated/trained in include football, baseball, mixed martial arts, Olympic weightlifting, and rowing.

As a coach, Johnny’s philosophy blends both physical and mental aspects, emphasizing a strong connection between the body and mind in training to optimize on-field results.